NEWS PERSONALITY - communications specialist

Adriana Ruggiero


I am a Lawyer who has always worked in Communications...

After had been so blessed in the US with the opportunity to become the voice and the face of the news for many, within the Hispanic community, I use all my accumulated experience to connect law firms and non-profits with the Hispanic Media to generate really good stories.

Previously, I worked as a News Anchor for the 3rd biggest Spanish TV station in the US, Estrella TV, position that I earned after 2 years working as a local news anchor in Los Angeles, where I started as a news reporter.

In addition to the news-anchoring job with Estrella TV, I also worked as a news commentator on radio and hosted a public affairs national show, covering mostly politics and social issues affecting the Hispanic population in the US.

Before moving to the US, I lived in Caracas, Venezuela, where I worked as a Communications and New Business Director, for one of the top ten law firm in the country, ARAQUEREYNA.

Prior to this position, I worked as a local news anchor and as a weekly radio host in my hometown “Puerto La Cruz”, where I also started my first own media project: the first legal magazine in the country “Legal Guide”.

It was also in my home country, Venezuela, where I earned my Law Degree and my Master degree in Marketing and Communications, as well as my certificate as a newscaster.